Basic installer questions

I opened the Steinberg Download Assistant today (first time in a long time) to download the new Dorico 5.1, but I encountered a few problems:

• First, the SDA wouldn’t launch, telling me there was no internet connection. Not true - internet connection was fine. In the end I manually re-downloaded the SDA and then it worked. But it’s a bad first impression!

• For Dorico 5.1, when I clicked Update, Dorico 5.1 itself went ahead and downloaded and updated – no direct problems here.

• But I did see a bunch of error messages with permissions and broken sound paths. (Sorry, I didn’t get a screenshot.)

• I decided I wanted to make sure the various extra sound libraries and plugins were downloaded, updated, and located on my correct drives, and this is where things got confusing.

• I downloaded HALion Sonic 7.0.20 Instrument (recommended). It was not clear whether this automatically got installed or not, but when I looked in my Downloads > Steinberg > OSX > HALion Sonic 7.0.20 folder, I see an installer there. It’s not clear whether that installer actually ran. The SDA seems to imply it did run, however, it didn’t delete the installer when it was done, so I’m not sure. I went ahead and ran it manually, and it seemed to install, but I wasn’t given any choice as to where the content goes. (I want to make sure this goes to my internal drive, since I travel a lot, and it’s a small download.)

• Then I downloaded HALion Sonic Selection - Content (recommended). This downloaded into my downloads folder, but it’s just one .vstsound. There are no instructions on where I’m supposed to put it, or if I can move it, or if I do move it, how do I tell the app to look for it in its new location.

• The same is true of the new Iconica Sketch library. I really do want to try this, but it’s two .vstsound files, and I don’t know what to do with them. I actually thought this was a completely separate plug-in. So this is really confusing. (SDA downloaded them, but didn’t tell me whether they were installed, or how to manage them.)

• Then I downloaded the HALion Symphonic Orchestra. I saw them getting downloaded into the Downloads > Steinberg > OSX folder, but after the download was complete, they all disappeared and I have no idea where they went.

• My SDA screen shows that Olympus Choir Micro and Jazz Essentials are already installed, but I have no idea where they are.

This entire SDA app feels REALLY janky, error-prone, and hastily designed. In theory a download assistant is supposed to automate all these tedious tasks, and instead it seems to lead to further questions.

Perhaps you should use the Details buttons in the Steinberg Library Manager to check the locations of the various sound files.

SDA is by no means perfect, but if you trust it to do its thing, it really isn’t too bad. This video tutorial shows you how to do the right thing with SDA to install Dorico:

The key is to click Install All in the top right-hand corner and then let it do what it needs to do, rather than deciding piecemeal what you want to install based on your own whims and ideas. When you download sound content, Steinberg Library Manager runs automatically and moves the content to the required location. You don’t need to intervene manually.

Once everything is installed, you can safely delete the Steinberg folder inside your Downloads folder. Nothing that’s left there is required for the correct operation of the software.


I see. Thanks for that. I wouldn’t have known to do that, since there are several Steinberg products in the SDA, so there’s no indication that picking/choosing is inferior to Install All, especially when on a laptop and space may be at a premium!

I had completely forgotten about SLM and can now see that that does have location details, albeit sometimes with varying titles than SDA does, leading to more confusion. But I see a Move button, so assuming that works as intended, that should get me the control I need to decide which libraries I will store where.