Basic: Is this a routing question?

Hi - SX3 here. I’m trying to learn about how to compress my track, and in doing so ran into a little problem.

I’ve got an audio track, with a UAD-1 compressor as an insert. What I’d like to do is run statistics on a resulting compressed audio track, and compare statistics on this (presumably higher average RMS) track to the original (uncompressed) one.

I can’t figure out how to generate a new compressed audio track to run statistics on, except to export mixdown, but I’m guessing that’s a VERY inefficient way to do this. It would be nice to arm a regular audio track, whose input is the output of the audio track with the inserted compression, but I don’t see how to do that.

Can someone give me a hand on this one please?

Thanks much!

You need to route the audio from the original track via a group channel to a new track.

Copy the track and process with that plug. Free routing is C4 and above to do it internally.

Thanks guys.

Mashedmitten - That is what I did, copied the track and processed the copy (compression as an insert). But when I run stats on that copied track, they are identical to the original - as if the stats are not taking the insert into account.

I was going to ask if I’m missing something obvious, but I decided that was a given … :blush:

So instead … what should I be doing that I’m not?

Brains - if I can route from a group to another audio track in C6, that makes me save my pennies even faster … can’t wait.

Thanks -

Did you convert the copy to real copy? If not, the process probably got applied to both.

I think it has been possible for a while, in fact maybe always with the difference now that you can assign multiple audio tracks to a group channel simultaneously.

Sorry, I don’t know what that process is, “… convert the copy to real copy”. Must be a C4 or above kind of thing…?

Thanks -


That is what I did, copied the track and processed the copy (compression as an insert).

Mashesdmitten is talking about offline processing, not insert realtime processing…