Basic Keyboard Shortcuts


a few day ago the iPad became full mouse support which is a step forward if you want to WORK seriously with the iPad.
Most of the time when i am on the go i have a keyboard attached to the iPad. In GarageBand this is very helpful for basic things like pressing spacebar for start/stop. While Cubasis3 has so much awesome features that Garageband hast not, this fact alone is slowing me down so much on Cubasis.

I know there was a statement that it is not designed to replace a full DAW, but keyboard support (on a base level) is so normal now on iOS that i would really urge you to reconsider.


I second this. Now that iPad got trackpad support I use my iPad with a keyboard + trackpad. It would be really awesome to have keyboard support like:

  • press space to start playing the song
  • copy and paste notes
  • more shortcuts?

Please consider adding this. Also would be great some better trackpad support? I think Apple released some new APIs for better trackpad support in an app so it would be cool to consider this too. Iā€™m struggling a little bit with drawing and editing notes on a trackpad, would be nice if this was a bit more responsive.

Basically: just copy all the shortcuts from the full version of Cubase, unless a feature is missing. Easy!

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