Basic LFO modulation question

Just starting to learn to create programs in H5. This is the first of 2 beginner questions I have.

I have 1 layer with 1 zone in it. The layer has its own buss and in that buss I have the WahWah FX. I’d like to use LFO1 in the layer to vary the “pedal” control on the WahWah, but can’t figure out how to do that. I was able to assign the pedal knob to a Quick Control - but that seems to be a dead end.

If someone can explain how to do this if would be great, as would any page numbers in the manual.


I am still learning too, but I imagine you can access the buss FX parameters via the modulation matrix.
From there, I am guessing you can connect a QC to a mod matrix slot.

Yeah, that’s what made sense to me too. But in the modulation matrix it seems you can only select a Quick Control as a source but not a destination (manual P59). And none of the FX parameters appear as destinations that I can find.

I wonder if CC Mapper would work.

I have to take a closer look, I remember reading that all parameters were available for QC. I’m so tired of that manual though :laughing:

I’m in the same boat. I’m also looking for a way to modulate FX parameters with an LFO.
I really hope that’s possible. :confused: