Basic MIDI question with drum trigger [CuBase 4]

I have a drum track I am cleaning up using a triggering plug in. I seem to have set everything up just fine, but am not sure how to get my MIDI out to trigger a drum sample. Here is what I have so far:

Audio Kick track > KT Drum Trigger VST Plugin > Sends MIDI Output

MIDI Kick Track > Accepts KT Drum Trigger MIDI Output > See Audio Meter when playing in real time > can record midi based on the plugin signal

So all is well and good so far, I am using the audio track to control the MIDI track. But now what? How do I make that MIDI track fire a kick sample? Secondly, I want it to trigger a SPECIFIC sample, for example if I have a pool of media from different kits, possibly even a live sample of this kit.

I am going to do the same for snare and toms later, the purpose here is to clean up a live recording. This is very possible and fairly standard, I am just not proficient in the area of MIDI.