basic MIDI question

Hi guys!

I’ve checked the manuel, etc., and I’m not sure how I do this basic function.

I want to link the cut-off parameter of a vst to a knob on my MIDI controller. What is the easiest way to do this? I tried through the quck controls list on the MIDI ch., but it seems the ‘learn’ function does nothing. I can see the knob sends data to the MIDI ch, but I can’t make it link. Am I missing something?

X-Board49 is the controller I’m using, and I’m trying to link it to a MIDI ch. going out to a Gladiator2 VST. Thanks!

If this is in the wrong forum section, let me know.

The “Learn” button is a little misleading…
You first have to set up Quick Controls in the Devices Panel, so that each of the 8 slots responds to the desired incoming controller.
Once you have done that, the “Learn” button in the Inspector links the desired knob on the VSTi to the Quick Controls slot of your choice.

Thanks! That was the answer to my question, and you have no idea how happy that makes me. :smiley: It was driving me a bit insane. haha

In relation to this question, what is the best way to save quick control settings? Is there something like a quick control list to switch between quick control setups? A list in which I might have say, “halion sonic quick controls”, “massive quick controls”, “eq quick controls”, etc…

“Export”/“Import”, from the Quick Controls pane in Device Setup. So, you’d have to load from disk each time, unfortunately.