(Basic) Mixing Question

So I’m gradually making a lot of progress with recording (my own) stuff using Cubase (7).

I’m having a lot of fun.

I noticed on the cubase 7 instructional video it talks about mixing the guitar right.

My question is when mixing (in general), what are some signs that a certain frequency is casuing issues? On the eq screen, will you see music waves moving over the horizontal (green) line ? Sure I can use the pre-sets but I wont learn taht way!


Aloha S,

Beautiful thang to read! :slight_smile:

1-Use the goog and read up/watch vids on as much basic C7 ‘E.Q’. stuff as you need/can.

personally my eq challenge is, (among many) having probs with ride cymbals and steel string acoustic guitars because they
sometimes ‘sit’ in the same eq range.
“ain’t it foggy outside? all the planes have been grounded.”

2-Ask questions on a forum. (you have got that one down already). :slight_smile:

3-‘Indicators’ can be useful, but be sure to use use the best plug-in ever made:
Yer ears. If it sounds good to you; it is good.

5-Then play your work for some folks you trust (or post it on-line)
and if it sounds good to them, you are on the right track.

4-Have fun! oh yeah, you said that!

These suggestions are ‘generalities’.
There are some great Cubase minds that hang here
and I’m sure you will get many more specific suggestions/approaches.

Good Luck!

That’s where the 1-2dB boost in a different narrower range on each will give that bit of clearance.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

The vids on yourtube and the google machine don’t seem to be giving me much relief in terms of C7 Eq stuff.

I’ll start to look harder.


I generally recommend to read “The mixing enginee’s handbook” by Bobby owsinsky. A great help.

In Addition some books about midi Orchestration give excellent hints on how to equalize which Instrument.

Of course this is just “reading”, and you still have to use your EARS (as already stated by other fellow-posters).

I also can recommend that you use the presets of the cubase eq as a starting Point. you can learn a lot about eq usage looking at the presets and listening to the results they give.

Have fun!

Cheers, Ernst


Of course, of themselves, presets only are an indication. Using them as a springboard upon which to base some study and experimentation will enable understanding of EQ, which will allow it to be used as a more predictive and creative tool.

Yes! Yes!

Major +1!

@Elien. Ma bad! Forgot about that one!