Basic Newb EQ questions

Hi folks I have a few basic questions about using EQs.
If someone is familiar with a thread that exists that could answer some of these questions that would be good too.

I just got C7. It has the spectrum analyst in a few of the eqs.(the squiggly lines that move :confused: )
What is that showing me? Is that showing what’s happening to the sound before or after the eq?
Am I supposed to make adjustments to the eq based on those squiggly lines?

I have always just used presets in the Cubase eqs. Maybe tweaked them a bit, but am always pretty happy with them.
But lately I have been seeing the difference that eq can make.
Mainly I want to un-muddy a track, or bring accents out front more.
The thing is I am not too sure how to do this with an eq.
I have always followed the basic rule of chopping off lows on all trax that aren’t the bass track.

I want to keep it simple. Are there any other simple solutions to getting more out of an eq for a beginner?
I’ve been messing with it now for almost three years and I feel I need to make the next step in knowledge.
I thought the addition of 3 more eqs would be helpful in my new C7 but it really is the same old quandry.
Thanks alot in advance.

You should Google Voxengo Curve EQ Tutorials

Mike Elliott used to be a member of this forum. Sadly, he passed away in 2005. But his generosity and wisdom lives on in articles like the one below. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better guide to EQ. Soak it up, every word of it.

I did Mr M. I watched a few. I’ve watched many other eq demos and tutorials too.

The Voxengo Curve seems way too complicated for me.
I’m starting to take an interest in very simple filters or older modeled eqs like Softube or Neve 5033.
I just want to set it and forget it.

Thanks for your reply. I will continue to watch videos.

Thanks alot for your reply.

“I just want to set it and forget it.”

Alas, if only it worked like that. Instead, each time is a new and challenging excercise - maybe the instruments are different, maybe the sound you’re trying to coax out of it are different, maybe the mics/recording space was different, whatever. There are certain rules of thumb, like nixing unnecessary bass as you noted. The article swamptone posted contains many more. But there’s no easy, straightforward shortcut.