Basic Options in Dorico and it's price

Greetings to the Dorico team! :slight_smile:
Great job guys! I suppose in the future it’s going to be the best notation software, the only one on the market which provides option for MIDI mock-up.
I have deep interest in Dorico, but still I prefer to wait a bit until some stable and more functional version.
I’ve read a lot on the forum and would like ask why Dorico costs so much money 559Eur = $614. since most of the basic options don’t work properly?
We all know that cannot expect everything to be perfect in the very first version. The price is too high for public beta.
Sibelius 8.3 costs $599, Finale 25 costs $600, Presonus Notion 6 costs $190 /Even if you Buy Studio One 3.3, you can get Notion for $80/, and Notion has much better sounding samples the Halion Symphonic Orchestra. At this moment, all they are more advanced and properly working compared to Dorico.
Maybe It would be fair if you sell the first versions of Dorico maximum on the price of Notion 6, and cheaper for the Cubase and Nuendo owners. :slight_smile:
Keep working guys! :slight_smile:

Price, of course, is not fair.
I’ve already bought HALion Symphonic Orchestra, HALion Sonic, HALion 4, Cubase 5, 6, 7, 8.

Why not just discounts?

And there is no demo (30 days). I don’t want to buy a pig in a poke.

“… most of the basic options don’t work properly…”

As has been made clear ever since its inception, Dorico is primarily a notation program. Various other desirable facilities will become available - indeed, some features that are not directly notation-related already are.

So which basic notation options don’t work properly?

Or is this another case of someone not understanding what the first release of Dorico was all about?

There is going to be demo version one month after the release of Dorico. It’s similar with Cubase and Nuendo.

ChrisC, did read the topics on this forum? Read them and you’ll understand which options don’t work properly. :wink:
I know that it’s the first version of Dorico, and that we cannot expect everything to work perfectly…
My main question is why they sell Dorico /which is like beta version/ on price higher than the price of Sibelius, Finale and Notion?
I also know that the team need feedback for bugs from more users, to make the program better. It’s normal.
Steinberg can sell Dorico much cheaper until it becomes fully functional as Sibelius, Finale and Notion.
For the moment the price is tooooo high for software which is equal to beta version.

Yes, I’ve been keeping up to date, more or less, with what’s been posted here. And unlike some, I suspect I was also pretty much up to date with what was said about the development of the program before its release.

I don’t see complaints about the engraving capabilities of Dorico, and that is what the development team have spent most of their efforts on. The problems seem mainly to concern people having sky-high (and unrealistic) expectations about everything else.

Yes, there are issues about the general workability of the program, but not any more than I would have expected from a first release.

The price is very high for now, I also bought HSO and even Halion Sonic 5. There should be a at least a voucher.

But the most expensive part of Dorico is that You have to use the bespoke dongle - a very bad idea! This system is a real killer in our days compared to all the other software around. I do not want to discuss it but it has to be said again and again that we should be able to use the software on all our computers without any restrictions. So if I decide for the convenient way I have to buy a second license :wink: (please do not try to convince me about the eLicenser because I used it for many years and I am upset about the software. Compared to an alternative dongle system it is old and not flexible enough for the needs of todays musicians).

I guess the question is whether you would prefer to spend $100 now but have to pay $50 or $100 more each time an upgrade is released, without being allowed to skip any upgrades. I’m sure it’s the kind of quandary the marketing team had to weigh.

Also, you only have to use the dongle if you plan to move from machine to machine.