Basic Panning Question!

This is something I should know by now, but I have a set of percussion instruments on separate stereo tracks individually panned across the stereo image. I want to send them to a Group track so that their volume levels can be changed en-masse. The problem is that when I do this they loose their individual pan settings and all respond only to the stereo panning of the Group track.

Is there a way to maintain each track’s stereo pan setting AND permit all track levels to be adjusted as a group? Would a VCA grouping allow this?

I think senility may be setting in :upside_down_face:

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Good old Fader-Link, maybe?

Hi Dietz,
That’s great.

Many thanks.

I’m definitely losing the plot -My Tango control surface also has that facility.

Your Tango control surface can also lose the plot?

Yes, it’s getting old like me.

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