Basic question about Pool/Tempo

If I record some files and the temp is set to 180bpm, shouldn’t the tempi be “calculated” and inserted as the Tempo values for the files in the Pool? And 180=180 so it doesn’t even have to be calculated? Do we have to fill in every freakin’ file by hand? I’ve been experimenting a little with the effect of the tempo on a song and this is a pain! Is there a setting in the preferences? I feel like I missed a chapter or two? :confused:

You can, in the pool, select all the files and set the tempo in a oner.

Yep, I noticed, thanks, but why are they not filled in automatically. A file that is being recorded is always recorded at the tempo that the project is set to? Why not use that?

One thing is the files of all sorts of lengths and tempi that you import. Then “???” is a perfect value?
But for the files I record now, what other value than the tempo of the project could I possibly want to enter every time I record something? The exception would be if I use the Tempo Track + accelerando/ritardando while recording, but I’m not, most of the time. Then it would also be OK with “???”.

Yes, there is a snippet before the left locator (“retrospective” rec for audio) and a bit of extra of different lengths at the end, but the tempo is always the one used at the time of the recording?