Basic question about project loop markers and tempo change

I recently noticed some difference in some of my projects and haven’t been able to figure out why.
In some projects I set loop locators like normal but when I change project tempo, the loop markers change also?? Not sure why this is.
I’ve checked all the project settings and musical mode is enabled on tracks…??

In rest of my projects never had this issue… What have I done or not done to get this?


Right click on the loop. This let’s you set the loop to be either “Bars+Beats Linear” (e.g. the loop points are anchored to a musical location - what you want) or “Time Linear” (the loop points are anchored to hh:mm:ss).

Also just to clarify the correct terminology:
An audio file is what gets set to Musical Mode.
A track can be set to either Musical or Time Linear Timebase. :wink:

Appreciate the response Raino, but doing what you said didn’t seem to help.
Right-clicking on the timeline for Time Linear or Bars+Beats or didn’t make any difference. I don’t think clicking on the loop is any different than clicking on the timeline unless I’m missing something.

Still not sure as to why this particular project’s loop locators will change when I adjust the tempo, they should remain on the bars.