Basic question about Who do what into a computer with Nuendo

Hello Nuendo users,

I"m asking this question from a “far far away” time:

What is determining into the hardware of a Mac (or PC) to have a big number of tracks (voices) without troubles (crashes, clicks, sync problems, plugin’s problems …) :

Is it: Ram memory , fast access HardDrive, processor, all of those items?

Inlight me please!



It’s all important - CPU speed, HD speed, RAM, even graphics performance. The number of tracks the system can handle is largely dependant on HD speed, the number of processing plugs/instruments relies on CPU speed. Very large projects with masses of edits needs fast graphics and so on.

VST instruments is the biggest load for many people, hence networking using VE Pro and so on. On Mac, I find the graphics is the worst aspect. Plugins not much of a problem, partly because my UAD card takes a lot of the load.

RAM is important, the more the merrier, specially running 64 bit.

With SATA 6/PCIe I can handle more tracks than I ever need (at 44.1/24bit - I don’t usually use higher sample rates) to and the system is very stable.