Basic Question : Change Clefs

I just added four Wagner tubas to a score. Dorico defaulted them to bass clef (which is logical) but the parts are all high and I want to change the default clef to treble (not just add a small treble clef before the notes). How do I do that?

If you change the clef on the first beat, then the “normal” clef will change.

(In fact, Dorico can’t put the normal clef, immediately followed by a small clef-change clef on the first beat of the system.)


Perfect, thanks. I just had to be careful to click only the rest and not pick up the whole measure.

Unrelated, but I wish more orchestras had Wagner tubas. I really like them, but can only use them for stuff I record myself with VSTs because a lot of organizations don’t have them. (London and Berlin do.)

Here’s just the main theme of “Europa” (25 seconds) on Wagner tubas. (Not sure why there is dead air on the end.)

you’re asking for trouble using those.
they are simply not common enough to be considered “accessible”.

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I agree completely. I’ll use them on a recording I make, but not in a perfomance score. :sunglasses: Everything I publish uses a standard line-up (woodwinds by threes, four horns, etc.).

This sample sounds very nice, but to me it sounds nothing like actual Wagner Tubas. Imagine the sound of Horns an octave lower. This sounds more like somewhat mellow trombones, which is to say, much more pointed than WTs.

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To allow for reverb decay.

Thanks and you’re correct. I used the NP default. I’ll see if VSL has a good set of Wagner tubas (even though I need to stop buying more VST libraries🤠).