Basic question - recording midi keys

Hello, I’ve tried to record my midi keys into my UR 242 into Cubase 8 for the first time - it seems to be recording fine only I don’t hear it through the UR242 while recording and I can’t hear it on playback. My activity is registering in the midi out activity but not the audio activity area if this matters.

Any help would be great, thanks again.

Assuming it’s a controller have you loaded a vst instrument for it to play? Are you hearing this at any point?
Have you turned on the monitor button on the track?

Thanks Grim - because of your comment I took another look - I set up the track as an instrument track using the Halion Sonic SE. I think all is well. Originally, I was setting up a MIDI track which I’ll assume is wrong.

Hi, well, not completely wrong. Instrument tracks are a combination of a midi track (or more midi tracks) and one Instrument, i.e. Audio included.

If you use a midi track instead of or in Addition to an Instrument track, this is perfectly ok. What you have to do then is to create an Instrument in the rack and route your midi track(s) to it. Creating the Instrument in the rack will lead to a vst-track, which represents the Audio of your Instrument.

Either way, it is ok!

Cheers, Ernst