BASIC question / routing inside WaveLab

I have a basic question , that I am wondering from a couple of days and the best way to achieve it :

Could anybody share his experience integrating an analog chain in WaveLab ? (the best way :slight_smile:

I would like to be able to have what is call my “source track/lets call it track 1 “ that track would be routed to a specific output (aes)—— then go out in my DA then EQ/COMP then AD ) — then I would like go back to a DIFFERENT track to capture the result .
Meaning by creating a second track I have able to do that easily.

Now lets say I don’t want to go (out / in) … but would like to use a buss to directly capture the output of that track 1 “internally” (on track 2 which would be the “capture” track.

I like to be able to separate the “playing(source)-analog eq-compression” …… then record that result.

Then go to the next phase once the first step is recorded / capture
I am coming from Protools , find wave man great but can’t really find the best way to achieve this
I am well aware of “hardware insert” as well.

I have another question as well :
Does WaveLab have a “tone generator “ that can run live ? (To calibrated outboard equipement-of course without printing)

thanks a lot for your help ! :smiley:


Yes. In my template for doing analog work in WaveLab, I have a short empty clip that has the Test Generator plugin inserted on it, right on the empty clip itself, not the track. This plays a test tone into my analog chain to check calibrations before recording anything back in. See the attachment named Test Tone here. That way it’s always there for each new session.

For analog routing, I suggest using a Reference Track to place the unmastered songs which can be the same track as the test tone in my image. You can add Clip FX to each song for sweetening the songs before hitting your analog chain so you really only need one track to feed all the songs of an album into your analog chain. A reference track can feed one or more stereo outputs at the same time. I have mine feeding 3 different stereo DAC options that could feed my analog chain, chosen on my Crookwood insert switcher.

I use an optional 2nd reference track with a copy of the files from the first reference track to feed another stereo AES output which sends a totally raw (no plugins, no analog) feed to my monitor controller so I can hear the original sound in real-time with the press of one button.

Then, on a normal montage track, I record my analog chain back in and as you can see, I can choose from 3 different ADC input options.

I have attached some screen shots, and made a silent video that shows my settings. I will have a more formal video soon. Here is the silent video that might show you some insight into the Audio Connections setup:

Only 3 attachments are allowed, so here is the one that shows the Test Tone:

Thanks you so much Justin !

No problem. Sorry for the weak video. I don’t have a mic here at all on this computer but hopefully it’s enough to get you started.

one more question Justin,
is there a way to route internally , lets say the output of a track to an input / without going out AES and in AES back ?
thanks !
do you know already when your new video will be available ?

I remember reading somebody found a way using the global master section to digitally record right back into WaveLab, but there are not traditionally busses like you’d expect in a normal mixing DAW. I’ve never tried it or had the need so I can’t say more.

We’ll probably get to the analog I/O livestream in January’s edition.

thanks !

When I’ve needed to do this, I’ve used our interfaces’ mixer software (HDSP for RME, or MIO Console for our Metric Halo). (The transmission is reduced to 24-bit compared to an internal bus at 32- or 64-bits, however.)

It seems to me Wavelab 9.5 did this with the Record Whats Played Back function. When you click Record it would wait until you start playing the source file so the files would be trimmed the same if you used, say, the Clip play button or CD Track play button to start Play. It could also put the new file on any focused track. And the result file could be 32f or 64f.

I can’t get it to work the same way in Wavelab 10, but maybe there’s a way. That function was in there forever.

But I can’t think of an instance where it would be different from a normal render, except the render wouldn’t put it on a specific track (?). I must admit I haven’t tried much of this in Wavelab 10 yet.