Basic Question- wav file editing


I am a newbie (obviously):), and wanted to request assistance with editing wav files.(I am running Cubase 5 on a MacBook pro)

When the session was created (not by me, but studio for hire) the starting point of the tracks was not at marker 1, but randomly started at marker 246. My issue (error) was that when I added tracks, I did not use the snap function, so some tracks have different starting points, some start before, some after. So if I export these files to be used on another platform, when imported the tracks won’t line up-time wise.

I tried to edit the tracks by highlighting and deleting sections in the mix window, but it doesn’t edit the files in the pool, so when I send the files out, they come from the pool and are original and unedited. How can I edit the original wave files, by both cropping, as well as, adding dead space so that all the track have the same start point?

Thanks for any and all replies.


Ps, did a search function and did not find any relevant posts…maybe bc it’s too basic! Lol

Hey Renato, you basically just have to export all the tracks say from bar 1, then they’ll all line up in whatever other Daw you’re using. The batch export is a good time saver for this. Obviously make sure you bounce to the right bit depth for where they’re going too, but I’m sure you’re aware of this… Hope this helps,