Basic question

Hi guys

just recently got myself a tascam unit and cubase le 5 came with it, I followed the instructions to activate the product, which i have done :slight_smile: ( it shows in my elicense) but when I open cubase it still comes up with the ’ Cubase LE can be used without registration untill 5/3/2013 and the program can be started lalala times’

My question is does this still come up till the trail finish’s then i take it the other license takes over, or is there something wrong with it?

In your eLicense Control app does it show a full, unlimited license for LE 5?

When you start Cubase and it gives you the message you described, do you have an option for something like “already registered”?

Did you actually enter an activation code in the eLCC? Registration and activation are two separate things.

It seems that you have registered, otherwise I don’t think you could be posting in this sub-forum. Maybe not activated, though?

It says I have a full license. There are also two others - the one that the month license, and a MP3 encoder that is also a month long license till it expire!

If it says you have a full license for LE 5, that’s good!

Can you post a screenshot of the alert you get when launching Cubase?

Heres the screenshot :

as you can see there is the message and also you can see the elicenser + no option for already registered :frowning:

Where does it say that - I can see Cubase LE 5 “Demo”. I´d say you activated an AI version, which it seems you don´t have…?!

Oh man , I just followed the activation on the DVD Rom it gave me and it gave me that activation. I thought that was the correct cubase.

EDIT : It works. I Did it again and I choose the LE 5 and No message come up :smiley:

But can someone tell me - I now Have 2 licenses the LE5 + the AL5 - WHAT IS AL 5 ???

Use your eyes…