basic questions

I am new at Dorico and practisíng piano for a while. So my question maybe a bit strange for most of you:
So my question is:
Using e- piano as input device basically works but always the same notes and times and the same key (violin or bass - not both! ).
How can I set up the correct lines by using the input option. ANd how does the midi-interface transfer the correct times and notes into the correct lines when playing a song ? Is there a place where to define this all ? Does this work at all ?

Thanks in avance


Welcome to the forum, hfl. If you extend the caret across both the violin and bass staves, then you’ll input into both staves at once: if you play a single note, the same note will be input onto both staves, whereas if you play two or more notes, the notes will be split between the staves across which the caret is shown. When you record in real-time using your MIDI keyboard, you can only record into one instrument at a time. Check out this video, which will help explain how real-time recording works.