Basic sample editing difficulty

I’m new to Cubase 7 and despite looking at the operation manual, I am experiencing some difficulties in using some aspects of the sampling functions of Cubase.

What I am trying to achieve:

After assigning several hitpoints to an audio clip, as well as being able to position and duplicate freely each slice, I want to be able to apply processes exclusively to each duplicated slice e.g if I duplicate SLICE-A, I will have SLICE-A(1) and SLICE-A(2). I want to be able to apply processes to SLICE-A(1) without effecting SLICE-A(2).

What I have tried so far:

I have tried both creating slices from hitpoints and also creating events from hitpoints (I am yet to see the distinction). I have tried copying/pasting the relevant slice/event in a) the same audio track b) into a newly created audio track. When I subsequently try to alter SLICE-A(1), it alters SLICE-A(2) in the same way!

I find this to be totally counter-intuitive. How do I alter the SLICE-A(1) independently from SLICE-A(2)?

Many thanks.

Convert to Real Copy.

Thank you.

How do I do that?

Type it into the search of the pdf reader you use while the Ops manual is open.

Many thanks.