Basic setup advise

It has been a few years since I recorded music and equipment has moved on. I currently own:

  • Cubase 7.5
  • an iMac 27"
  • a Yamaha amplifier
  • a Yamaha Promix one
  • monitor speakers
  • various digital guitar effect units
  • m-audio audiophile
  • m-audio usb midiport

As instruments I’d like to be able to plug in:

  • a vocal microphone
  • a guitar
  • a k2000 keyboard

My questions:

  1. Does the iMac come with an audio card installed to provide low latency and run the setup?
  2. Do I need to update the M-Audio interfaces or are they still good to go?
  3. Am I correct in assuming that the Promix One has no practical use anymore?

Thank you for helping me get my setup working :slight_smile:


While you don’t say what Mac OS version you are on, if there are drivers for the M-Audio interfaces available on their website for your system version, it should work. I have a Midiman 2 port midi interface that still has drivers available. for 10.8.5.

You’ll be able to use the built-in sound if you don’t try to tax it too much- I don’t know exactly how much since I use an external device (which is 6 years old).

If the Promix still works, you could conceivably connect it to Cubase as a Generic Remote via a midi interface, so it could possibly be useful, maybe, if you’re the type who enjoys configuring the Generic Remote…

I like to use my gear as long as possible and try not to get sucked into buying stuff just because its shiny. :wink:

For at least 10 years audio quality of (semi-)pro digital audio gear has been so good that in 99% of cases the weakest link is somewhere else (usually somewhere between the keyboard and the chair). Those “old” M-adio interfaces are completely adequate for making great music.