Basic setup help for Dorico + Noteperformer + BBC SO Core

I’m just getting started with a system and the first library I added is BBC Core

The download process for everything was more complicated than I expected and that’s maybe just me. Downloading Noteperformer’s NPPE for the BBC Core was a bear with a few loops and hours of looking at a gray box with a spinning circle and a message saying it was acquiring something I can’t remember what

After leaving it alone for a while much to my surprise the NPPE seemed to have been installed into Noteperformer while I was away

On opening my first test score I thought I had a system going

After one user error kind of hiccup I thought the score was playing back w BBC Core sounds until I realized the strings are all solo which BBC Core doesn’t have

In the play window when I look at individual instruments they all say NotePerformer 1, 2, etc

In Noteperformer I add the BBC instruments and they are ringed in the white line, then hit the add button and it does whatever it does, but then back in Dorico zthere’s the same result

I have no idea what I’m doing so I figure I’m probably just leaving out some essential piece of the puzzle

Once I get squared away with this I’ll try other libraries for the chamber strings etc

If I am understanding you correctly, that would be your issue right there - BBC Core doesn’t have solo strings (only Pro). NotePerformer and the engines are actually incredibly automatic and intuitive so you normally don’t have to do much work – it will route things for you if the correct instruments exist. In your case using BBC Core as the engine, if your score has solo strings it will not connect those to the larger ensemble strings. If you wish to hear those strings played back as the large ensemble using BBC via NPPE, then I would first recommend creating a string section ensemble from the setup tab and move your music to those staves. With NotePerformer as your playback template, and the engine app running in the background and loaded, then it should automatically recognize the correct strings and play back correctly.

@bluekayak88. Don’t do this.
Create empty section players and drag the instrument from the solo player to the empty section player. You can then delete the (now empty) solo players.

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Ah, wasn’t aware you could do it that way – good to know, thanks.

ok so part was that I had originally added the players as soloists
I added section players one at a time and copied the parts onto them and deleted the original ones

so now they are playing as sections (with some delay)

My question now is should I be seeing some sign that it’s BBC SO sections playing somewhere in Dorico?

in the play window it still reads as Noteperformer 2, 3, 4 etc

which gets to a question I’ll have down the road apiece - if I want the strings played by my (future) strings library is there a way to do that?

thanks for all of the input btw

If you are using NotePerformer with the BBC engine, inside of Dorico it is correct in the play window it will still read as NotePerformer. The standalone engine app must be open with BBC loaded - to confirm it is passing audio you can check the app - to the left of the instrument names there is an activity light, and next to the mute buttons there are small meters, if it’s working correctly you will see activity:

Another way to definitely make sure using your ears - try the MUTE button at the bottom of the standalone app. When toggling you should hear an instant difference from NP stock strings vs. BBC strings.

so it’s all working and I will sleep better tonight

thanks for the help