Basic shortcuts should be also redefinable


as I am physically challenged (cerebral palsy), I cannot access any Shift-Alt shortcuts. This makes stuff like adding a note at an upwards interval or hairpin lengthening i.e. shortening completely unusable for me. It would be great, if such basic shortcuts would be redefinable as well.

If you take a look at the keycommands_en.json file lurking inside your user data folder in a text editor, you’ll be able to see the entries for things like pitches in the octave above and below. JSON files are very easy to edit in such a way that you make their contents invalid, so I suggest you make a copy of the file before you try to edit it, but if you’re careful you should be able to adjust all of the shortcuts in the program to your liking using a text editor.

Thanks, this worked great for now. However, as you said yourself, this is not for the faint hearted, so, hopefully, this will be configurable from the UI at some point.