Basic sparrow midi controller

Hello !

I have a very basic SPARROW 400 (4 sliders) which I use for VST control for instance for dynamics and expression.

The controller in question works flawlessly in Ableton Suite. I.E. it is recognized immediately with a VST such as Strings Appassionata from Spitfire Audio etc…etc…

When connected to Cubase Pro 13 I can see in STUDIO that it is active and any movement of the faders show in the audio activity small windows at the very bottom right.

When I do pull the instrument in Cubase, the sliders/faders do not do anything to the VST (expression… dynamics… are not CC controllable using the Sparrow).

OF COUSE if i enable automation and use the on screen sliders using the mouse (the sliders/faders from the VST) it is working.

If I try to “override” the CC value and and click LEARN MIDI CC from the VST, the slider starts flashing constantly (up and down) and my using “a” Sparrow slider/fader always end up to be a value of CC 122 tells me Cubase whereas of course their programmed value is CC 11 and CC 1 …

So it is impossible (for me) to record while playing while trying to adjust dynamics and expression.

And gain ZERO issue within Ableton Live.

This is puzzling ! Just looking for anyone who has had such issue. Thank you !

Is the Input on your MIDI/Instrument track set to All MIDI Inputs?

Thank you. I went to Cubase help to check where this setting is located but there have been so many versions of Cubase that I couldn’t locate the “All MIDI Inputs” using their online help. I am using Cubase Pro 13.

I even created a MIDI REMOTE and the sliders/faders are working just fine.

They are simply not working within any VST.

So strange !