Basic VST instrument recording


I am a rookie when it comes to Cubase; apologies. I am using Cubase 4 LE, have setup Steven Slate Drums and can succesfully add the associated Kontakt VST instrument to a project using an instrument track. When editing the VST instrument, the Kontakt keyboard interface appears, and I can click keys and hear the resulting notes. Also, the sound-meter in the Cubase track is showing that sound is coming in. Using this single instrument track in a project, when I enable it for recording and start recording, I can tap sounds, but Cubase does not record anything. Some of the documentation mentions using a midi track in association with an instrument track, but I have yet to discover how that works or find a way to make it work. Can someone give me clear instructions on how VST instruments (preferably Kontakt player) get recorded in Cubase 4 LE? I do not have an external MIDI controller, and would love it if the Steven Slate Drums could be used without one. Sticking with LE would be nice as well. Thanks!


If you have no MIDI controller, you can draw the MIDI parts in for your VST instruments. In the project window, you can use the pencil tool to highlight an area on that track in which you’d like to add a part. Double click the box that appears where you just made the highlight and it will (by default I think) open the MIDI key editor. You can use this editor to draw (or even paint, depending on the tool you select) MIDI parts that will trigger the VST instrument.

One other thing to consider is that you can select the item in the inspector (left pane) that says something like drum map and select the one for GM. If you do that, the drum editor will open and, assuming the Steven Slate drums follow GM mapping, you can easily see which MIDI note triggers which instrument. You might also check around on the Internet to see if you can find drum maps specifically for Steven Slate drums.

BTW, I have a little 25 key Akai controller ( and that is fairly useful for adding quick parts.


I’m trying to do the same thing the person in the first post mentions, except that I’m doing it via Cubase Elements 6. I’m also a noob and having the same problem. I tried taking the advice given in the post, but I still can’t get the my organ sound to record. I wonder if the problem precedes the Cubase program? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Actually, never mind. What’s described in the second post does work. Must have just missed a step or something.