Basics Too Hard and Not Intuitive

I have had multiple attempts over many years as a working songwriter and jingle producer to become proficient in Cubase and it’s partner keyboard the Yamaha MOXF8 but I’m ready to give up.

Issue 1: Recently upgraded to Artist 9.5, started a new project using a factory MOXF8 template in Artist and my welcome was, no click. Why on earth would you need to go hunting for a click and then have to route it to a bus? It used to sit in the transport bar and was automatically audible and presumably pre-routed.

Issue 2: Even when using the MOXF8 2 stereo record template, there is no audio bus pre set. MOXF8 is designed to act as the audio interface for Cubase. Why would an audio bus not be pre-set? There is nothing more frustrating when trying to act on a fresh song idea than having to get out of creative mode and into tech mode to do the most basic of functions. MOXF8 is a workstation, designed to be intuitive and not impede the creative process. In my experience it’s been nothing but ridiculous road blocks.

I humbly request a far wiser head than mine to explain how I can produce a template between Artist 9.5 and MOXF8 that doesn’t require me to route a click (who comes up with this stuff?) and has all the routing pre-set with regard to audio ins and outs and midi ins and outs. It’s no use promoting these tools as being for song writers if the initial burst of creativity is constantly snuffed out setting up parameters that should be pre-set, particularly between devices that are designed to work seamlessly with Cubase.

I need to be able to have an audio channel, pre-set with routing for vocals, using the MOXF8 as the audio interface, and have the midi ins and outs pre-set for the MOXF8 and I need Cubase to not forget those parameters mid project, which currently causes me to have to go back into Device Set Up and make all the connections all over again.

Sorry for the vent. It’s just too frustrating.

To set up your template just get everything set-up the way you want it to be and then use “Save as Template” and give it a name that you find relevant.