Bass amp crashes cubase 8

i was using Vst bass amp on a channel(vsti) and going through its presets crashes Cubase pro 8

Interesting. I’ve done this several times and so far so good…

yep, messing with Bass Amp and Cubase didn’t just crash but disappeared completely

Similar problems here. I’ve yet to do some tests on what where and when. Just not had the time yet. I might see if I can investigate later this evening.

Crash in VST Bass Amp confirmed, found, and fixed for next update.

I was experimenting with the new Bass amp and when I go through the presets Cubase simply crash (freeze). I have to force quit the application and restart the computer. I cannot even restart the Cubase. I have to actually restart the computer. :open_mouth:

So I cannot use BASS AMP at all.

Windows 7 64bit
Cubase 8