bass amp

I loaded vst bass amp for first time today and when the interface came up on screen I got message saying"cannot locate speaker impulse response file
FCP_SMT_005 Reverenceimpulselibrary_04.vstsound
any clues?

If you used the full installer you should have the file and possibly elicenser maintenance will fix it.
Other option might be that the file (which is part of additional content) is missing and you may need to re-install.

Hi funkman

I went through a loooooooooong process with this. Even had Luis Dongo doing 2 team viewer remote sessions. Eventually the important thing was doing a maintainence update on the eLicencer, that solved it!

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hi,i done maintenance and stil same problem

Then you’ll have to open a ticket with Steinberg I reckon

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Is the file on your system?..The location is in the links I gave.

the file wasn’t on my system I uninstalled and reinstalled,when I boot Cubase for first time since reinstall I got error message"vst sound library"drum loop expansion 01 not found

Did you download the full installer…9.1 Gb ??

Just read your other thread…I think you may still need to install additional content.

how do I install additional content?

I’m not sure…What exes are included in the full installer you downloaded?

Were there any other options than the setup exe you used?

Cubase 8 the blu monitor set up icon
and the Cubase logo set up
there is a folder called additional content also

Any installer inside the additional content folder?


Well in your place I would be trying whichever installer you didn’t already try…or even the one you did use and see if there’s any option you missed during the first install.