Bass Clarinet clefs in full score and part

Is it possible for the bass clarinet part to be notated with a G clef, while the score uses both G and F clefs?

Assuming the score’s at concert/sounding pitch, I’m pretty sure the “Bass Clef Full Score” variant of the Bass Clarinet instrument is the one you need.

It may be that when you input clef changes you need to turn on their “Show for transposition” property and set it to Concert Pitch.

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Thanks, Pianoleo, that worked!
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Not sure if it’s exactly what you’re asking for, but I’ve asked for score only (or part only) clefs before.

It’s quite common in published bassoon parts to use tenor clef in the score to save space, while the part remains in bass throughout, especially the 2nd/3rd bassoon.

Yes, it was exactly what I wanted, and continues to work, thanks anyway.

This is possible, albeit that clefs can be hidden/shown according to the transposition type (e.g. shown in concert pitch scores but hidden in transposing parts).

Yes, but it’s useless if you need both transposing like 99.9% of published scores.