Bass Clarinet HALION?


I am wondering why I cam not able to load a standard Bass Clarinet with HALION?

See screen shot…
If anyone could assist I would be most grateful. I am sure it is user error at my end but it’s costing me time trouble shooting this.

Many thanks again,


You should find that the default sound loaded for bass clarinet is ‘Bass Clarinet Combi’.

If you’re finding that you can’t see any entries in the MediaBay window in HSSE when you’re searching for sounds, normally that is fixed by quitting Dorico, trashing the VSTAudioEngine2 folder in /Users/your-username/Library/Preferences, then restarting Dorico again. That should cause it to re-create the MediaBay database and all of the installed sounds should appear there again once more.

Great thank you Daniel!

Any reason why my Violoncello Combi are sounding very soft and not reading my dynamic map? Trumpets seem fine.

I have even have the master volume at full level to see if this changes anything but still same dynamic throughout. Screen shot attached.

Thoughts and thanks!?


Dear Amanda,
Those “inconsistencies” with volume between instruments is one of the main reasons why many of us have invested in Noteperformer… No more wasted time in the HALion editor. That’s probably not the answer you were hoping for, but if you haven’t tried NP yet, I suggest you do :wink:

Make sure you’ve got the appropriate expression map chosen in the Endpoint Setup dialog. If you’re using the default playback template then Dorico will choose the right expression map automatically, but if you’re manually managing sounds you’ll have to take care of this yourself.