Bass clef 22va under

Of course, it is possible to do bass clef 8-under and 15-under.

I am considering working on a piece for a conceptual instrument that would need bass-clef 22va-under and perhaps even more. Novelty parlour-tricks, of course, but it might be quite interesting.

How do I do a bass-clef-22va-under in Dorico?

And yes, I need to get a life.

Just select the phrase and press Shift-C (clef popover) and type 22vb! Make sure the phrase is transposed to it’s sounding octave before you do.

sorry I just re-read and realised you meant clef and not octave line

You’d have to create a custom clef in Engrave Mode > Library > Music Symbols but I don’t think you’d be able to get it to play back correctly

I don’t think you can add new clefs in the Editor; but you can edit one of the existing ones that you’re not using. Playback is easily remedied, with the Octave Shift property in Properties.


It might play back correctly via the associated VSTs transpose buttons?