Bass Clef volume

With a piano score, is there a way to make the left hand (bass clef) softer than the right hand (G clef)?
I tried ppp and that reduces the volume of both hands. Just want the left hand to play softer.

This might help you:

What I do is to select all the notes in the bass clef in Play mode, via the Voice drop down list, then adjust their dynamics by drawing a line, up and down, with the mouse. Rough and ready, but at least it lowers the volume so the treble clef can stand out a bit more.

That looked good, Daniel, until Mr. Spreadbury chimed in to say it doesn’t work … or so he seems to be saying.
May have to create another staff for the left-hand, instead of using piano staff. Then the other staff should be responsive to volume changes within the score.
Thank you !

Trying to get away from that, Rob, and let the score notations take care of dynamics … but there seems to be a blockage in the software that prevents that when using a piano staff. Apparently both clefs in piano staff are treated as one when it comes to dynamics. At least that’s what seems to be the case until Mr. Spreadbury straightens things out.

If you use voice-specific dynamics you should get what you want (though you may need extra hidden dynamics for additional voices or cross-staffed notes).

The concept is explained here: Voice-specific dynamics

The input method is explained here (though you need to read carefully to unpick the bits that make the input voice-specific): Inputting dynamics with the popover

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Found the solution, Rob.
Use the dynamics pop-up to put a pianissimo or other on the bass cleff then close the pop-up with Alt-Enter.
It works!

Wow, great! That’ll save tons of time. Thanks very much :+1:

We’re all in this together, Rob. :slight_smile:

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