Bass compression on stage...

Hey guys
I have spent so many years behind real and virtual faders that I am somewhat lost, now, because I take
some time off and go playing during a tour with a band that needs a Bass player and I have no clue what
bass compressor ( besides buil-in amp compressors ) I should get.
Music style: rock, blues, funk, jazz… a bit of everything, actually.

Any suggestions are welcome.
Thanks… Big K

I’ve used a 160 (no longer here), a symetrix 501 and 528, la610, mindpront dtc l. The 501, la610, and DTC I used most in the studio with the 501 being used a little less than the other 2. Live I used the 501 and 528 all the time

I’ve read a tone of good things about the “smoothie”

Check out too, but you will have to do some sifting cus you kno how dem bass players can be! :laughing:

Hey, geek out with some of the compressors you have in your rack. You may already have what you need! :mrgreen:

If it comes to outboard 19" gear I have plenty, from the DBX160 to Aphex Dominator for limiting, but I would not want to carry a 19" piece with me.

I definitely check on the Keely, Ovnifx and another one, the Pigtronix Philosopher Bass Compressor.
TY, Swamptone and Woodcrest. Those seem to be fine gadgets.

Keep it comming…
Cheers, Big K

I can highly recommend the Markbass Compressore, I use this gem for compressing my bass and love it!

Been out of the live loop myself for a few years now but the trusty old bdx 160, always works, reliable as hell, just never lets you down!.. i pulled my amp head out of its case and racked it up with the dbx and a vented blanking panel in a 4u ABS box… That WAS a few years ago though…
Still have one in my studio rack too! There’s a good reason most good studios generally have a few of these kicking around.