Bass Drum and Snare Rolls

I’m struggling with creating bass drum and snare rolls. I imported an xml file from Staffpad, and all the notes and articulations appear as desired. When I listen to the bass drum roll, it sounds like it is just trying to play 32nd notes on the normal sound. The sound being used is the Halion SE Gran Cassa Combi KS:

I’ve tried creating an expression map, but apparently I don’t know what I’m doing as it makes no difference. I guess the issue with that is that the tremolo symbol is not triggering the appropriate key to switch the sounds. I also tried to edit the percussion playing techniques in the Setup module, but that had no noticeable effect.

As for the snare part of the equation, the sound being used is the general MIDI one that loads by default, but the snare roll sound is a different note, so I’m not sure how to trigger that.

This is what I’m trying to create:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

In regards to the snare drum rolls… see here…

I think the bass drum might be similar, but don’t have time at the moment to play around with it.


Thanks for the help. I managed to get a bass drum roll to work, but the dynamics don’t seem to apply. I want it to crescendo over the duration of the roll, but it just stays at the original dynamic and then plays the loud dynamic on the downbeat of the next note.

I’m also getting frustrated trying to get a cymbal roll to work. I’m using the “Cymbal Large Combi KS” in Halion and there is a keyswitch to trigger a cresc roll. I created an expression map since the Halion patch is a single instrument, but I don’t see anyway to link a tremolo marking in the cymbal part to the roll in the expression map.

Boy this part of Dorico is frustrating. I really like everything else about it so far.

I’m sorry you’re finding this frustrating. Dorico does not yet play continuous dynamics such as crescendo and diminuendo for unpitched percussion. This is something we plan to address in the future.

Hi Daniel.

thanks for letting me know so I don’t try to spend more time figuring it out. :slight_smile:

All in all, it’s a great program and I’m finding more and more useful features each day. This would definitely be a plus for a future update.

It also seems to be a bit convoluted to set up non-default percussion instruments with expression maps. There is a Halion cymbal roll sound in the Cymbal Large Combi KS sound, but even after I create an expression map that triggers the key switch, I don’t know how to link this to a notation symbol that will actually trigger the KS. The option to edit percussion playing techniques is greyed out in the Setup module. Is there a document or video that explains how to do this?

Thanks again.

I’d been fiddling with Dorico for the past little while trying to get a suspended cymbal roll with a crescendo, and after a bit of googling I’ve arrived at this thread.

I’ve gotten the percussion map set up so the roll triggers the correct keyswitch to get my desired sound (a mallet roll), but it doesn’t respond to the hairpin. I take it that this is because Dorico still, as Daniel says above, doesn’t respond to continuous dynamics for unpitched percussion?

Out of curiosity, is this a Dorico thing, or a Halion thing? For instance, if I were to try it in Garritan, would I have any luck, or should I not bother?

I’m not aware of any changes we’ve made recently that would make this more possible now than it was in April last year, I’m afraid.

Thanks! I figured as much, but I’m useless enough with percussion and expression maps that had the opposite been true, I very easily could’ve fiddled with it for hours with no results and been none the wiser.

Hello, Daniel, I have the same problem and found this tread, now I wonder if there has been any change in Dorico’s behaviour with continuous dynamics of snare drum and similar instruments: I guess the answer is no, but maybe it’s just me missing something.
Thank you!

No, there’s been no specific change in this area.