Bass Drum Volume - Resolved

It seems my orchestral bass drum is almost inaudible at any volume below f, and even f is not very loud. ff, however, is extremely loud. Has anyone else had a problem with this?

Ignore this. It seems to be an issue with VSL, not NPPE or Dorico.

Happy you got it resolved. FYI in general I have run into this sometimes with other instruments as well (usually outside of NP which seems to tame and correctly compensate dynamics very well).

Usually the fix that tends to work for me, and you perhaps this is how you resolved it in VSL, is to address the instrument’s velocity response curve (most VSTs have this or a simple ‘dynamics response’ knob/slider of some kind). It comes up for me especially with percussion too, where below f is really quiet and above f is blazing hot! If the instrument doesn’t have this you can also separately ‘flatten’ the response curve with dynamic overrides etc which sometimes helps.

Thank you. Great suggestions.

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