"Bass enhancers"

You know, those things that add harmonics on top of the “bass frequencies” so that the bass can sound at least decent on little speakers (and maybe also for easier mixing … remove some of the lows, add some harmonics, and voila - more headroom?).

Things like Waves MaxxBass, Renaissance Bass, Cryosonics NewB.

Does anyone use these? Any personal recommendations, positive or negative? Hints/tips on use?


I always found they muffled things. Best to start with a decent bass sound in the first place that has the harmonics you need/want. :slight_smile:

IMHO :slight_smile:

Good to know - even with a top notch recording space they don’t enhance well. Thanks for the tip -

My monitors suit the way I work, they are detailed enough to facilitate a decent mix and I know that if a mix sounds “right” it will sound good on any system, even my car! My studio is mainly for songwriters and I help the artist get to a decent production and a professional sounding demo. When I’m showing a prospective client around, I play a demo with a little bit of sub-woofer. They invariably comment about how good the speakers sound (the sub is out of sight).

That’s all I use the sub for. Sneaky eh?

I use NewB.

I don’t necessarily use it on bass tracks, but it is quite useful.

Do you use it on the master buss at all? If so, is it effective?

I have a fairly set group of plugs I will use on the master, and that one isn’t one of them.

Ahhh, adds more bottom to your snare Me Lord? :laughing:

I’m in search of something similar like the ashdown sub-harmonics, MaxxBass/RBass can’t do that.


Bought myself the Ashown Sub Octave Pedal, works but not as good as the sub harmonics in the ashodwn amps.


I use Helios eq from uad for bass.

Hi, do you know the sub hamonics effect I’m talking about? Is it achievable with the helios EQ?


The hardware version of this uses harmonic processing so I would presume the software does too.


Hmm, not sure. It does work really well on bass. It is an EQ though, not an enhancer. It does add something as soon as you insert it.

Sub harmonic enhancers, from what I remember, add octave notes below the existing note.

Sorry, that probably wasn’t much help. I haven’t needed anything like that so I am kinda clueless. Maybe post a sample of what you are talking about? Like your raw and then your processed bass that is close to the sound you are after. Could fire something off in my brain because there are a number of ways to skin a cat.

If you want your bass to sound good in small systems, you have to make sure it sounds good up to about 400hz.

Nice tid bit of information that, Thanks :slight_smile: !