Bass go crazy after export !

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if this is the right place to post it but here goes nothing !

I’m kinda desperate. After, a long mix to set everything the volume I wanted to, and made it sound good on Cubase, I try to export.
The bass go crazy, okay maybe the Output volume was too loud. I export with approximately -3dB in peak, and then try again with a real time export.
Long story short, after many tries, it still does the same crappy sounding distorded sound behind the bass. I have no idea why.
Is someone able to help me ? I work with Cubase Elements 8, in 44.1kHz and 32 bit floats. Even if I try to reduce the low frequency with a mastering software afterwards thoough multiband compression, the sound still remain…
I’m sorry if I’m being confuse, but any help would be greatly appreciated !

Thanks a lot for your time,

Kind regards,