Bass Guitar input monitor sounds octave lower than notation

I tried input pitch written or sounding but with bass guitar player the result after inputting notes is an octave higher than what you hear when you click on the notes or when you play midi. In HALion the “elektric bass” is already sounding an octave lower so maybe that’s why it’s so confusing. Any ideas?

This is a known issue which affects all instruments that have a HALion patch with an octave transposition

I just enter the notes where my MIDI keyboard puts them and then select them all and apply CTRL+ALT+DOWN ARROW to transpose them all down an octave at one go.

Yeah, there’s not much else to do, is there? I reckon Dorico comes up with something in the future. There is no such problem with the Piccolo while it’s transposing by an octave too, but indeed, HALion’s piccolo is not transposing…