Bass is no longer available

Hi dear Dorico makers,
In the german version, trying to set my score for singers, there is no longer a bass in the “instrument” presets. When I choose the whole choir it is there, but not anymore as a solistic singer part.
I think you might have deleted it developping Dorico 5.
Lucky, that we can do it by ourselves now…

It’s a known issue. They killed the bass in the latest update.
I think in version 5, there were some duplicated “Instruments”, they remove those in the latest update and killed probably the poor bass singer.
For the moment, like you already realized, you can add a Choir and delete the other voices.

Workaround: Rename the other bass instrument (brass section, edit all 4 variants) in the instrument editor.


The bass singer will then reappear in the instrument picker.

I think the Team will probably solve this in another fix-update relatively soon… I would not mess with the instrument editor yet :wink:

In the meantime you can use the choir templates. The bass voice is included.

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Indeed, this is a regression introduced in Dorico 5.0.10 in an effort to fix the problem with duplicate instruments appearing in the picker in languages other than English. Sorry about that. It will indeed be fixed in the next update.

In the meantime, another option is to use the ensemble builder and to add an SATB choir to your project there.

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Baritone singer also disappeared, but you probably know that by now :wink:

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