Bass Management (newbie question)

Using N12 and recently upgraded my monitoring to a 5.1 Neumann KH80 + KH750 sub setup. I’m unsure whether to use Neumann’s ‘built in’ bass management or retain control of this within Nuendo, via Bass Manager plug. Would be grateful for any perspective from more experienced forum members (have just taken on my first indie feature gig, so trying to avoid as many mis-steps as possible before getting started).

Also - if I’m controlling bass management within Nuendo, am I right in thinking that the sub does not need to be cabled to additional monitors (as in the sub controlling bass management), instead just a single cable from each interface output to its assigned loudspeaker?

If I were you, I’d allow the Neumann speakers to manage the bass for you, keeping your DAW setup intact.

The less complicated, the better.

How many channels can the KH750 sub bass manage? Can it take all five channels and do bass management on all five?

If it can, then using the sub’s bass management is simpler. You would set the 5.1 system up by itself, and then for actual mixing you would run a separate output to the sub (if possible) to carry the LFE signal. Now, there are calibration ‘rules’ for 5.1 surround sound in regards to the LFE and I’m not caffeinated enough right now to remember how this will affect a system with built-in bass management being used. You’d have to look into that to see if there’s a difference.

If it cannot do all five channels then I don’t really see the point in doing only two channels. If you only do two channels in the sub then you’d have to either be satisfied with that or do the other three somewhere else, which I think could be annoying. So in that case I would probably argue that you should do it all in one place instead, and Nuendo certainly can do that. The only drawback in doing it all in Nuendo is that you now don’t have bass management outside of Nuendo unless you set that up separately. So if you do it in an interface for example you’ll have it always on for all sources, including everything from Spotify to Netflix.

One positive with doing it in Nuendo is that you can set up a couple of monitor paths and have one with and one without it on, so you can switch the sub in and out with the tap of a key (command).

Late replying to this, apologies Mattias - thanks for your explanation; I’ve finally got my head around the issue (I think). FYI, the KH750 sub has two inputs / outputs. I’m experimenting back and forth with having bass management in the sub’s DSP or via Nuendo. Think the convenience of Nuendo will win out in the end.