bass notes one octave higher


I have searched the forum for this problem and found a thread that referred to this same problem.

The final post was from a Steinberg employee saying they was going to fix it. I am on Version (Feb 22 2018) and I am having that problem on a electric bass track. Anyone knows if this is fixed in later versions ? Is it possible to get around it ?


I’m sorry to say that this problem is still unresolved in the current version, Dorico 2.1. We do not anticipate releasing any further updates to Dorico 1.x in any case, I’m sorry to say. However, I would advise against buying an update to Dorico 2 solely on the basis that this problem is fixed, because it is not yet fixed. It does remain on the backlog to be fixed.

I have a somewhat similar problem with xylophone. I have to enter it at written pitch, though it plays back correctly an octave higher.