Bass track buzzes or distorts

I have Cubase LE v1.0.7 and have recorded about 8-9 song swith no issues . . . till now. The computer has 4 gigs of memory 2.20 Ghz. with Windows Vista. I am using the CI-1 Steinberg/Yamaha interface with usb connection. I have about 5 tracks recorded that all play fine. The bass track though buzzes and or distorts. I’m not sure if the buzz is actually recorded with the bass track or it’s happening during playback only. It does it no matter if I’m using the system speakers or the headphones. What may be “overdriving” the bass? In the mixer, I’m not pegged but rather about 75% and in the green. I’ve never had this issue before on other recordings. I’ve also replaced the instrument cable with no changes. I’d appreciate any advice or help. :cry:

Most likely a Bass/lead connection problem!

Have you recorded the bass too hot? (input levels too hot, to check put the playback channel at 0dB and see it the meters hit 0dB) Does the bass buzz when plugged in? what is the recording chain? are you plugging the bass straight in to the interface?

Is it a buzz or distortion or both?

Are you using an active bass?

Just trying to zone in on whats happening.

The signal is not too 'hot" as you call it. I mentioned that in the first post. It does however have active pickups. I will try and change that to passive although it made no difference before. Chain? Directly to the CI-1. When plugged in only it does not “buzz” It appears to be a buzz “on top” of the note. In other words it is not only a buzz sound. I also hear what I am playing.

Have you changed the battery in the bass?

Thanks for asking me if the pickups were active! I changed them to passive and the noise went away! I remembered that all previous recordings I made was with a different, non-active bass. Thanks for your ideas and suggestions!


For the record I get more problems with active basses than there worth! but low battery can make all sorts strange things happen :smiley: