Something I was screwing around with today:

The voiceover needs to be more ethereal. Perhaps floating in a bucket of reverb with a flanger effect to give it that spacey sound…

Still, good groove.

I really like it! :slight_smile: The voice sounds a little rushed to me-don’t know if that’s the same as needing reverb but that, or a little ping pong delay, might help reinforce the message. Maybe you could try a slower version(just the vocals that is). Congas not very high coming out of my system which I only noticed because I love the groove.

Good work.

Thanks guys. I have a few other parts I haven’t completed yet. I am actually thinking about slowing the whole thing down 5 t0 10 bpm because it is at the far reaches of how fast I can play the double bass. The vo still has to be synced with the song. I was in a rush to print a section of the song yesterday because I was heading out to play cards (Cards Against Humanity). Ever play those cards. First time for me and I was struggling to see some of the humor sometimes.


I love, The clips I have heard from you. I certainly am no critic of any depth but I think the other two comments have something in getting the voice over a bit more mystical. Maybe prejudiced by the title it seems like having anything to do with Frankenstein evokes an image of rich sci-fi zone. Hey, my two cents

Additionally, your tide commercial and autism psa are excellent. I never thought that when I was getting a comment from you on a topic it had some real “juice” behind it…very nice , very very nice! You enjoy a great niche and I applaud you for it. I may try to bring a few jazz players together and talk to you about a few things if they are available. Congratulations on your success.

Thanks for your kind comments.

Ha! Frankenstein is the name of my bass. :smiley: He has become my muse. Trouble is, I never seem to be able to finish anything as once I set up a rig to record what I am writing I have to tear it down or reconfigure it for someone else. One day soon I will finish something of my own. Looking forward to hearing some jazz. I see you are in New Jersey. If you are close to Philadelphia, check out Christopher’s Jazz Cafe. That place is awesome for jazz.

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the recommendation. Enjoyed your web site and have been thru West Chester many times. I am not all that far away and will look forward to heading over to Christopher’s.