Basso numerato (low numbered) in Dorico.

In Final, the creation of the basso numerato (low numbered) in the scores Baroque era, is quite complicated, if it takes place following the manual.
In Dorico how it works?

Thank you

In Cubase score I simply use lyrics…

I apologize for using a translation program, but my knowledge of the English language school.

sure you can use the hand line and is one of the many possibilities it offers Finale (also use other possibilities), but the 2012 version there is an automated “almost” procedure and certainly more accurate than non-use of hand lines .
Consider for example, that when puts 2 signs above each other, you have to change the distance between the lines, but that means also changes the distance between the different lines of the verses of the choir singing (unless you keep changing there too away) if you use the line of the song.
Whereas if you use this feature, you do not change anything and in addition there is a specific font for this type of function.

In italiano:
certo che si può usare la linea del canto ed è una delle varie possibilità che offre Finale (si usano anche altre possibilità), ma dalla versione 2012 esiste una procedura “quasi” automatizzata e certamente più precisa che non l’utilizzo delle linee di canto.
Considera ad esempio, che quando inserisce 2 indicazioni una sopra l’altra, devi cambiare la distanza tra i righi, ma questo significa che cambia anche la distanza tra vari righi delle strofe del canto del coro (a meno di non cambiare continuamente anche lì la distanza) se utilizzi la linea del canto.
Mentre se usi questa funzione, non devi cambiar nulla e in più c’è un font specifico per questo tipo di funzione.

Thanks a lot times (scusa l’inglese :wink: ), you are absolutely right! I’ve tried both Finale and Sibelius, and yes, there are better functions than lyrics!

Btw the same issue applies fingering chords (e.g.: for piano), and perhaps I’m wrong, but it looks like Dorico (like partially Cubase) has to solve also that… :neutral_face:

Dorico will eventually have a dedicated tool for inputting figured bass, but not in the first version.

Thanks, Daniel.

Will existing figures (and I suppose chord symbols as well) brought in via mxl import display/print correctly?

Once we have a proper built-in feature for figured bass, then yes, I expect we will also import them from MusicXML as best we can.