Batch Assignments

Hi All,
I could set up a column of however many tracks in the track list. If I want to change the output routing of a track, I can do so in the inspector.
In past versions of Cubase, if I wanted to change that routing on multiple tracks, all I had to do is select all said tracks, hold the shift button and change the routing on one track and they would all change to that routing. Now, with C9, if I execute that same procedure, they don’t all go to the same routing. Instead, they all change sequentially, numbering 1 through however many tracks I selected.
What is the new procedure or keystroke that will enable me to change all the tracks to the same routing?
Thanks for your thoughts.


Sorry, I can’t remember the combination - I know it is possible though.!

Not at my machine for a while… Just try experimenting a bit (ALT, ALT+CTRL, SHIFT+CTRL, CTRL+SHIFT, CTRL, etc, etc…). Maybe, its in the online Help/Manual too… :wink:


Shift + Alt seemed to do the trick. Thanks for your post Nickeldome!