Batch bind markers

Is there a way to “batch bind” all my markers in a montage to either the start, end, or audio samples of a focused clip, just as you can do one marker at at time by right clicking?

After dropping a bunch of CD track markers in a continuous file (live concert recording), I also want to bind all the markers to the audio samples of the focused clip. Doing this one marker at at time takes more time than I’d like to spend on it.

I think 2 commands in the Marker tab are useful for this. One beforehand. The other after the fact. You probably know, but the markers can be multiselected in the marker list.

Thanks, I was selecting all the markers in the list at one time, but then was trying to shift + right click an actual marker in the montage to change them all. Thanks for showing me the drop down menu option…this is exactly what I’m looking for.