Batch conversion does not write tags

For some reason I cannot get Wavelab 10 to copy over the tag information from my flac files when batch converting to mp3. In addition, it does not create files in the folder structure that I have designated in the Name Scheme by the Id3v1 tag of the files. For format I have tried setting Meta-Data to Inherit from Source File and Specific to This Configuration. Neither works.

I have the name scheme set up as Explicit Path, Id3v1_Artist / Id3v1_Album / Name
Instead of Wavelab reading the tag data from the source file, it just writes the file into the parent (explicit) folder and all the output files have none of the tag data from the source files.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?


Sorry, there is no tag conversion from flac to mp3.

Hi PG, Thanks for the reply. Do you know if this is on the roadmap for future releases?

Yes, metadata conversion is in the roadmap, but I can’t say when it’s going to happen.