Batch Converter adds Audio at the end of every sample

This is a huge issue. I have 4,000 files I need to convert and WaveLab 8.5 is adding .5 to 1 second of dead audio to the end of every sample. I would have to go into each sound and manual truncate.

Anyone else have this issue or know how to stop it?

There must be an explanation.

  • What is the final file format? mp3 might adds a few millisecond (but not as much as you what you describe).
  • What plugins are you using? Try to remove the plugins one by one, to find where the problem is.

Exporting mono Wav files at 32kHz and 16kHz depending on the process. My next step was, as you suggeted, removing the plug ins.

More details needed…

Found the culprit. It’s the Eiosis Air EQ. A FANTASTIC product but an apparent issue.