Batch create .lvl file


I have a few hundred BWF files that I need to create the .lvl files for.
I’ve run them through a third party system (Dobbin) but it has failed to create the lvl files which I require to do analysis of the audio using Dobbins results viewer. I was hoping there was a way to create the lvl file in a batch processor without making any changes to the files themselves.

Is this possible, even with a trick?

Damien Cassidy

What is this .lvl file? Closest I can think of, is the “levl” chunk, aka “Peak Envelope Chunk”, that is an optional date inside a WAV file. But even that is not supported by WaveLab.
And I don’t know either what Dobbin is.



I’m referring to the peak waveform file used to display the waveform. I mistakenly thought the two systems used the same file format for the waveform display.

Thanks Rat for the link to Dobbin.


I would be very surprised if Dobbin would not create the .lvl file itself, if needed.