Batch delete players

Dear Dorician fellows,

I open this thread to ask for a little request. I use quite extensively XML imports these days, and once the file is imported, I’ve taken the habit of recreating the players from scratch in Dorico, then cut-paste the content and Edit> Reset Appearance/Position. With this workflow, I always end with twice the players in my file, and once the cutting-pasting process in completed, I have to delete the original (now empty) players. I just noticed that I could select all the players I want to delete, go to Setup menu > Delete player. It’s a lot faster than doing that job for each player using the context menu (which I used to do until now).
Now the request : could it be possible to select several players and use the context menu to delete them all? I would find this consistent, but maybe I’m wrong and there’s something in the rationale that I don’t understand.
Thank you so much !

I’ll make a note of this request, and we’ll try to address it in future.

I would like this feature, too.